So many people right now are pondering what their next step in life is going to be; a lot of us are on furlough due to Covid, or have been downsized, or lost our jobs, businesses, outright. Yesterday I was just out driving around, really seeing the impact of our changing world in the small towns: a boarded-up business that didn’t endure this pandemic, many more barely surviving. Empty trains, vacant park seats, the broken windows of factories. The sad eyes and bowed shoulders of the defeated.

Yet in this darkness, I witnessed children racing down a winter brown meadow, lifting a paper kite in the wind. A group of fishermen casting their lines in the river, a father hoisting a child to his shoulders for a better view of a waterfall. I watched a young mother smile while she allowed a toddler’s tantrum to run its course, a young man help stop traffic so a senior could cross a busy street. It made my heart happy.

Barely there buds are popping on tree branches, the first tiny little shoots of green are popping through the muddy ground as the daffodils push up to the promise of sun. Sure, it might snow again, but that won’t stop them! Even the clouds are a little more ragged, giving way to the blue sky. The winter birds are fat, getting ready for their migration to their summer home somewhere north, while the robins are beginning their trip back. I am reminded of spring, of change, of growth. Of possibilities.

There will always be obstacles; we can’t grow, we can’t live, without them. We are made to change, every one of us, whether we want to or not. We will age, our bodies change continuously, just like our earth. Everything has its season, and if we move, live, we can witness and participate. We can be a part of it. We can today make a difference, even if it is only to offer a smile, a nod, even just looking someone in the eye, to say, “Hey-I see you! You matter!” To reach out across the miles, to say, “Hey, I remember you, you are in my thoughts!”

This time of Covid will pass. The lives lost will be remembered. The world will renew-it already is. We are forever changed, but we do not have to be forever broken. Bones mend, scars heal. We begin new paths and journeys, reconnect and find new friends and running buddies to help us through the next winter. But for now, as we emerge from the mud, we can stretch our limbs to the sky and welcome the sun, the coming day. Nothing is impossible- if you put a breath in that word, it becomes I’m Possible.

As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams…..T