I am a planner; I start planning my day the day before, the week before, my vacations when I’m on vacation, and then wonder why I’m anxious. I get so caught up in preparation that I forget I am still in today, and today is really all that matters, isn’t it?

I have these two little furries, my four-legged best friends, Maisie Grace and Maggie Mae. They are amazing, and they never plan for anything. They live in the moment, right now, always. Everything is exciting, everything must be experienced right now. I give them a biscuit, they devour it, then look hopefully at me. I tell them, “I just gave you a biscuit!” And their doggo eyes say, “But that was in the past, I have nothing now”.

I was putting on my boots, getting ready to shovel; it snowed last night and is forecast to snow all day, so I need to clear my driveway. The two raced over to me, boots are on! A great Adventure must be starting! As I looked at them I realized I might miss this moment because I’m planning for the next. Shoveling can wait- this is a moment to be treasured with them. We’re heading out now, the three of us-you never know what new thing might be waiting for us to know next!

As always, my hopes are for your dreams and hopes…..T Seize the day!