I have been watching a series called “Most Dangerous Roads” and last night featured Nepal, and how people there must traverse one of the most dangerous roads in the world to get supplies. It takes almost an entire week to travel this road, and many die navigating it. The tiny villages that dot this barren and inhospitable landscape seek out a meager living through farming and livestock.

A few drivers and their assistants travel these roads, picking up needed foods, seeds, fuel and delivering it to the towns each way. They encounter hardships throughout, yet continue with hope and dreams, stopping for the night in remote villages for a bit of rice and lentils.

Warming themselves by a welcoming fire, the villagers join them for tales and stories from the road, their only connection to the world. There are no phones or electricity in these highlands, but the children play with makeshift toys, dreaming of a world in the not too distant future where they, too, can be drivers and travel to distant lands.

Theirs is a difficult and seemingly impossible life, but they persevere, accepting what is and moving towards what can be. To them, impossible does not exist. Dreams live and life is full. They encourage and support each other. To them, life is…they play the hand they are dealt. They do not fold. And they inspire.

There is nothing so deflating as believing that we can not do what we dream we could. As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams…..T