Inspiring Places

Some of my favorite destinations

rI am passionate about travel and try to visit places I have never been to before. Before I was in recovery, what I was most concerned about was finding places where drinking began with the sun. Mexico has always been a favorite.

After I began my new life sober, my greatest concern was would I be able to enjoy travel without drinking. What would that look like? What was there to do really, if I wasn’t in the bars or ordering drinks from the pool? Was it possible to have fun without drinking? Could I be around people who drink like I used to? I became as obsessed with not drinking as I had been about drinking!

Guess What!  I found that traveling without drinking is amazing!  My first time was rather trying though-my addictive memory was still pretty strong the first time-what do I do with my hands, my thoughts, my focus?  I didn’t want to drink, but I had to stay really present in each moment to build new sober muscles.  

I changed a few things- I woke before the sunrise to get the most of each new day.  I journaled every day-sometimes several times a day-getting those weird thoughts down on paper before they had the chance to strangle me and rob me of my Grace and joy.  In the quiet of each predawn, I grounded myself and learned to breathe.   

I paid attention to the world around me, participated in it, loved it.  I found peace.



What I discovered was

The locals wherever you are really appreciate non-drinking travelers
Not everyone who goes on vacation drinks-who knew?
Being sober, being in recovery,  is walking in Grace- what an unbelievable gift it is to not have to drink or use!

This page, and all of its links, is dedicated to all of my recovering brothers and sisters who love to or want to start to, travel. In recovery. Because you most certainly and definitely can!

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