Doubt-“to call into question the truth of to be uncertain. To lack confidence in. To consider unlikely.” What a crippling event, doubt is. Some people say it is the sister of faith, the shadow of action. But whatever its name, It has the power to cripple us and it tortures us.

I don’t think there has been a time I have walked without Doubt. It is a wholly human trait, to doubt, because certainty is fleeting and ever-changing. Some don’t appreciate the negative connotation of the word, Doubt, and call it by other names: Caution, Care, Wisdom. I think Doubt is lacking in…

Without Doubt, we wouldn’t have hero’s, because don’t we always celebrate the winner when he says, “I never doubted I could…” but we know we couldn’t? Because if we all didn’t Doubt then we all could; and then nothing would be extraordinary. But with Doubt, and alone, we have despair. Books that will never be written, songs were never sung, great things that will never be accomplished.

Nature does not doubt-sometimes I envy her. Even as we braced for a late winter storm, the daffodils were reaching their tiny green shoots into the frigid air, stretching to meet the coming sun. They know that the snow will melt, the sun will warm them and spring is coming. The fat little robins have arrived, and the thrushes are coming through on their journey home in the far north.

I believe Doubt’s enemy is faith. For with doubt, we lack certainty, so what alone can move us through it? Only faith. And her cousin, Hope. And with Faith and Hope together, we can conquer Doubt. I think today, I will let go of Doubt’s hand and reach for Faith’s instead. As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams.