Not too long ago, I took an early morning phone call from a frantic father searching for help for his addicted son. I didn’t have time for that; some of my staff were running late, order needed to be made, a couple of patients were fighting…but something in his voice had me shutting my door to the chaos and sitting down to be present for him.

It was a familiar story-nothing new to me, but for him, it was everything. He was in hell and crying out for help. My heart broke for him. There wasn’t a lot that I could do for him or for his son at that moment, but I could give him time. I could tell him where he could find help. I could give him options, matching his needs to what was out there for services. I told him who to call, what he could expect, the time frame for services.
I also told him things he didn’t ask for, like where he could find help for him. What he could expect from possible outcomes. What his path might look like, and the resources he could use on his journey. We talked for a while until he was steady-he took some notes, my name, how to get back in touch with me fast if things went south for him again.

That’s why I created this site- it isn’t too far past that my husband and I were trying to navigate this maze of finding answers and support. Seems like every place you look for help, it’s a commercial for themselves or what they are selling. Everyone is telling you ‘This is the Way’ and we buy into it and mortgage the house if we have to, trying to save the life of ourselves or someone we love. Insanity. If we weren’t crazy before, we soon will be!

So this site is for you, for all of you, us, trying to find answers and help as we navigate this journey. Shoot me an email; I will answer your questions and help you as much as I can. If I don’t know the answer, I can find the ones who do. If you have come this far, then maybe you’ll be willing to come a bit further- there is hope here, and healing. We can do this you can do this! Welcome! T