Moving forward-what does that even mean?  In recovery from alcohol and drugs, moving forward is everything.  It means accepting, in this moment, that what happened in the past cannot be changed, it can only be learned from.  It means telling ourselves that what was said cannot be unsaid; what was done cannot be undone.   Our thoughts cannot be ‘un-thought’.  

Accepting, thought, what was and what is does not mean the same as condoning-we take responsibility and apologize, we review the event and learn from it and consciously decide to make changes in ourselves  to prevent the insanity of doing the same thing but expecting a different result.  If we use alcohol or drugs again, no matter how we use them, the end result will be the same.  If we hold on to anger over something we believe wronged us, then we will feel the same, no matter how we react to it-we will still be angry because we are holding on to our same place, not stepping forward and out of it.  

What would happen if we don’t pick up the bottle or the pill or the needle today when we think we need it?   Maybe a little or a lot of uncomfortability, but the end result will be forward from where we were.  What would happen if we walk away from the situation that makes us angry?  Do we really have to have that parking space, that seat, that item?  What if we let ourselves feel that emotion without reacting to it?   What if we breathe some really deep breaths and count to ten rather than explode verbally?  

What if, just for today, we try to stop, breathe, ground our-self and let go of our  self righteousness and private indignation and let someone else just be their own human-ness?    

What if we can allow someone else to behave badly all by themselves and not engage in it?  Maybe, if we don’t react, and instead choose to respond,  then maybe we get to make a step forward and not be in the same place.   Baby steps are still forward steps.  

As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams……….T