Alchemy is an ancient ‘magical’ philosophy or idea for purifying natural things into others, like lead into gold- to take them from their natural state and change them into something bigger, better, more worthy. Alchemists attempted to, following scientific and methods, change ordinary to extraordinary.

Over the ages, it was embraced by different cultures, mostly eastern, as men sought an easier path to wealth, to life, and to live forever. The ‘snake oil salesmen, or the ‘rain makers’ are more familiar to the American culture, and, although much less scientific, they still preyed upon others with magical thinking and displays.

Alchemy was and still is, somewhat, shrouded in mystery. but the concepts and ideas remain present today, just called something different; diluted from the ancient days. It’s there in the rituals of different religions and practices-the ‘dogma’, as it is, required to save your soul. We see it with the jewelry makers- the cubic zirconium that looks just like a diamond, or in the man-made jewels sold on Amazon. It’s present in the pharmaceutical industry as they create pills and shots and patches to cure us of the pills and shots and patches they gave us. As they race for the cure for old age and death, others offer us beauty – tighten our necks and lift our eyelids and suck out our fat.

There are great things our modern-day alchemists have accomplished- polio and smallpox are no longer threats. Illnesses and diseases that once decimated nations are now ‘inconveniences’ and controlled. But even knowing some things can never be fixed or improved upon by something from the outside, we still try.

I think maybe there is a bit of alchemist in all of us we try to improve others, to change others, to fit our own idea and images of what they should be, not what they are. But we need to remember this as fundamental-there is no cure for Human-ness. We are the leaders that can never be gold. We are ordinary. We are each and only, unique and beautiful just as we are. ‘We can only change ‘me’; maybe if we can appreciate that, we can appreciate each other. And in that way, we ordinary become extraordinary. As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams……T