Some days it is just enough to wake up and get out of bed. It feels like everywhere you turn there is something or someone that is smacking you in the face, trying to bring you down. There are difficult times in life that seem to suck the life force from you, but when you rise and put your feet on the floor, you have achieved victory at the moment.

Journeys always begin with a single baby step, pulling us out of our comfort zone into the unknown. The first shock of cold hits our toes and we question what we are doing, why we are doing this, who do we think we are? But if we can just open our eyes, then we have begun. Take a moment, a deep breath, stretch your arms to the sky, and move. Every day is it’s own journey.

It isn’t easy, beginning and making changes. Journeys begin with the change, and change, even for the good, involves loss. As a child, we sobbed over the idea of losing our diapers and being ‘forced to use the potty. Even though the diaper would get smelly and wet, it was what we knew, and it comforted us. Choosing to stop allowing someone or something to control us means we must rely on ourselves, and who we are we might not know.

There are plenty of people who will try and help us on our journeys. And along the way we will make mistakes and meet adversities; we might often falter and fall. But in the getting up and going on, there is victory. Learning from our mistakes, owning our scars, that is how we learn who we are and build strength and stamina. It is never too late to learn. It is never too late to grow and embark on another journey.

Dr. Steve Maraboli said; “As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.” I love that. We are all on a journey, every one of us. Today, I am getting up and getting moving. And today, I will find the good in the day. As always, my hopes are for your hopes and dreams…..T