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What is a Substance Use Disorder?

Diagnostic and Statisitcal Manual 5th Edition (DSM V) Definition of a Substance Use Disorder

Why Addiction or Alcoholism are Considered a Disease

The Disease Model of Addiction

What is Alcohol Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Alcohol Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What is Cocaine Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Cocaine Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What is Methamphetamine Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Methamphetamine & Crystal Meth Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What is Marijuana Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Marijuana Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What is Opioid Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Opioid Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What is Sedative,Hypnotic or Anxiolytic Use Disorder

Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis of and types of Sedative, Hypnotic or Anziolytic Use Disorder; Effects on the Brain and Body.

What are Psilocybin, Ibogaine and Hallucinogens?

What are Hallucinogens and how are they used?  Risks and benefits of treatment, history of use, signs and symptoms.

What is Kratom?

Signs, Symptoms and Effects on the Brain and Body.

The Cycle of Addiction

How drugs interact in the brain, creating the Cycle of Addiction

What is Treatment?

What is Treatment, types of treatment, Assessments, screening, and detox.  Types of in-patient and residential, outpatient, and Medication Assisted treatment.

Mental Health in Recovery

A high comorbidity exists between addiction and mental health disorders.  Neither one may actually cause the other, but both may significantly and negatively effect the other.  Read more here.

Nutrition in Recovery

Nutrition is extremely important in recovery and proper nutrition can actually help relieve many symptoms of withdrawal and promote healing.  Read more.

Physical Health in Recovery

Physical Health is a major component to the healing process from addiction and alcoholism.  Read more here.

What are the Stages of Addiction and Recovery

Stages of addiction and stages of recovery are important to understand-read more here.

What is Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome?

P.A.W.S., or Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, are a series of symptoms specific to the drugs of use, which occur after a period of recovery and can derail a person mentally and physically.

What Are Recovery Supports?

An introduction to supports available in recovery, from sober houses to peer mentors.

Recovery Groups

Recovery Groups are not limited to just an AA group.  Learn more here.

Recovery Resources for Loved Ones

Addiction and alcoholism affects everyone in the family.  Follow this for information about recovery supports for loved ones.

What Defines Recovery?

What does recovery mean?  What is all involved with beginning a new chapter of life without alcohol or drugs?

What is Abstinence?

Did you know there are many stages of Abstinence?  Just like the Stages of Recovery, Abstinence in Recovery also has stages.  Read more here.

Binge Drinking: What You Should Know

What is Binge Drinking?  How do I know if I have crossed the line?   Read more here.

Reinventing Yourself in Recovery

Who are we if we are no longer active addicts and alcoholics?  How do we begin a new chapter in our lives?  Read more here.

Prioritizing Your Recovery

An essential component of recovery is prioritizing your needs and practicing self care.  Read more here.

Essentials in Recovery: Willingness, Openness & Honesty

The 12-Step groups use the acronym H.O.W. as the major component in recovery.  Find out more here why this is so important for you.

Understanding and Identifying Your Individual Core Values

What are your Core Values?  Here is a worksheet to help you prioitize and recognize your individual core values in recovery.

Staying True to You-Defining the Recovering You

Who are we if we are not ‘the alcoholic’ or ‘addict’.  Are we more?  Learn how to re-define yourself in recovery and stay true to you with a journal worksheet.

Spirituality-A Recovery Essential

The definition of Spirituality is “…the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.”  Find out more here.

Mindful Meditation

An introduction to small and effective breathing and self-talk exercises to keep you grounded in the day.

Screening and Assessments for Treatment

Before entering treatment, professionals conduct assessments and screenings for placement into a level of care.  Included is a self-evaluation you take yourself to reflect upon your use and life now.

Recovery-Unconventional Journal Worksheets for Recovery

In this section you will find a variety of worksheets to add to your recovery toolbox.  These are a great way to begin getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper.  These are also downloadable and printable in PDF format.

First Step Worksheets-12 step

The First Step Worksheet for 12 Step Recovery

Managing Triggers & Strengthening Skills

What are triggers and how to strengthen your skills with managing them

Assessments and Screening Tools

AUDIT, MAST, DAST, CAGE, NMASSIST Screening and Assessment Tools and more

Making Choices in Recovery

Is your Brain Hijacked by Drugs or Alcohol?

All About Detox

What is Detox, What to expect from Detox, Types of Detox

Types of Residential Treatment

Residential – In-patient Treatment; what to expect, what do they offer

What is Group Therapy?

-What is groups therapy and what to expect

What is an Intervention

Things to know about Interventions and how to plan for one

Holistic Health and Healing

All about Holistic Health & Healing, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Meditative Yoga

What is Meditative Yoga and how can this help you?

Holistic Movement Meditation

What are Holistic Movement Meditations?  Read more here.

What Are Recovery Coaches?

What are Recovery Coaches and how can they support you?  Read More Here-