Inspiring Books

This is what I’m Reading

“Shadow and Bone Trilogy” by Leigh Bardugo

I have been told that I devour books; I guess that is true. I have a pretty eclectic library, enjoying quite a variety of genres from children’s books, Christian, biographies to fantasy and memoirs.

Reading, to me, is pleasurable and educational. I look for meaning, hope, truths, ways to strengthen myself, understanding of our world and beyond. I can’t encourage this pastime enough-it keeps me out of my own head, Keeps me from believing I am alone or separate in my own struggles. Reading gives me hope and encouragement that no matter how dark or frightening the world is, I have kindred spirits in the world with me. After all, aren’t we all on the journey of life together? ‚Äč

This is a living page, where I will continually update my favorite books-separated by genre, although many actually fit into more than one category, kind of like us, right? I’m not a professional reviewer, just passing along my insights into these amazing reads and why.

I hope you have the opportunity to read some of these and enjoy them as much as I did!


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